Jina G.

Dr. Diane has a fantastic Women’s Transformation group that is a deep and beautiful experience on learning to find and live the woman that you are.


Cathy K.

"I have learned the importance of self-compassion and have let go some life long mistaken beliefs that have gotten in my way! 


Dr Diane leads us through meditations in class that are deep, revealing, and relaxing. I highly recommend her."


Susan K.

“You are doing a wonderful service for women of all ages.  If we can use our Wise Woman we are sure to soar into new plateaus of like. 


I love your no nonsense attitude and I can’t wait to go to the next level.”




Marilyn M.

"The passion with which she approaches her work is inspiring. By shining a light on the inherent wisdom within each of us, she is working to untangle and de-mystify the story of women in today’s society.


It has been a blessing to explore this new story with her.”

Emma K.

Hi, I’m Dr. Diane Garrison, Ph.D., Psychologist & Women’s Empowerment  Coach

In the Full Power Process, I have discovered the perfect way to blend my feminist beliefs, my spiritual and holistic practices, and my many years of clinical wisdom.  


Are you ready to discover a path to owning your gifts, embracing self-compassion, connecting to your Inner Wisdom, and opening up to the support and resources needed to manifest your biggest dreams?