From Functional to Fabulous

Feeling Burnt Out, Tapped Out, and Flat Out Exhausted?


You’re not alone.  We, Women in Midlife, have given SO much to others that we’ve forgotten to take care of ourselves...


This is why I’ve created the

From Functional to Fabulous Community,

where I teach a gentle way to tap into your long-forgotten passion and purpose!


‘Cause you’re too good to be forgotten!

You’re on the verge of deepening your relationship with yourself...and your inner guidance system. 


With a few simple shifts in perspective, your world could look a whole lot a good way! 

With the right tools, you can fall in love with who you are with a whole lot less stress and doubt. 

In just 8 short modules, surrounded by a supportive community of other midlife women, your hopes and dreams can become your reality.


Dr. Diane has a fantastic Women’s Empowerment Program that is a deep and beautiful experience on learning to find and live as the woman that you are.


In this course, I discovered a gentle, powerful way to connect with myself and heal.  I learned to be accepting and patient with myself and this has opened me up to trust the universe and others to support me.


I deserve joy, happiness, and love!


Cathy K.


From Functional to Fabulous

 A Transformational Program for Women in Midlife and Beyond.


  • 8 Module Virtual Course

    Through teachings, meditations, and reflection worksheets, your 8 Module Virtual Course will teach you to Unlock your Three Power Centers: Relationship with Self, Relationship with your Inner Guidance System & Relationships with Others.  This course is work at your own pace and is yours to access Forever! (Value $2,497)

  • Six months of weekly Group Coaching

    Get your questions answered in our Weekly Group Coaching calls on Zoom.  Meet and connect with other like-minded women who can truly see, value and understand you (Value $3,497)

  • Membership in a private Facebook group (invite only)

    Connect with your peers, share insights, and ask questions in our Private Facebook Community, the “Functional to Fabulous Community”.  This is where we learn to practice supporting each other in a whole new way (Value: Priceless) 


  • Bonus :  Power Center Emmersion

    Once every 2 months, we will take our coaching call to a whole new level, meeting for two hours to practice each of our Power Center Tools of Connection.   (Value $1,497)

Total Value $7,500

Your Investment is $2,497 (or 4 payments of $647)

Course Modules

Your pathway to Full Power.  Your journey to Fabulous!!!


  • Module 1 

    • Why good women burnout and how to stop the burnout cycle.
    • What is Masculine & Feminine and why does it matter?
    • Tap into the Power of Mind, Body & Spirit.


  • Module 2 

    • Build a relationship with your InnerWise Woman, the strongest, wisest, most compassionate part of you.
    • Take a guided journey of Self-Compassion
  • Module 3 

    • Learn how to heal and sooth your Emotions as they arise.
    • Transform the Inner Barriers-that stop you from experiencing life fully.
  • Module 4 

    • Learn how to disrupt your Negative Core Beliefs. 
    • Empower your passion and purpose through a clear vision of your true worth
  • Module 5 

    • Explore your relationship to your Inner Wisdom and the Divine
    • Connect to your Inner Wisdom to reveal your Deepest Desires

  • Module 6 

    • Understanding Ego Wants vs. Inner Wisdom Desires your path to Intuition
    • Allow your Deeper Desires to guide your Next Steps

  • Module 7 

    • Explore your Limiting Beliefs about asking for and receiving Support 
    • Create Empowered Relationships to fuel your transformation
  • Module 8 

    • Own your Growth & Transformation,  through the Power Center Review  Methodology
    • Claim your Radiance  and step into your Full Power


I have gained so much value from the Women’s Empowerment Program, From Functional to Fabulous. Through the work we did, I discovered my life purpose which resulted in changing my career to one that is much more fulfilling.  I finally learned to get in touch with my feminine powers and use them to guide me in making decisions that are for my higher good.


In her coaching, Dr. Diane had an uncanny ability to put in words what I couldn’t seem to get clarity on.  And she delivers the truth in a compassionate way that gave me invaluable insight and healing.

Sylvia B.

Notes from your Coach,

Dr. Diane Garrison.

Over the next 6 months, you will get a step-by-step guided process designed to TRANSFORM your stress, overwhelm, and burnout into peace-of-mind, self-confidence and renewed purpose.


The From Functional to Fabulous Transformational Program is designed to eliminate your doubts and fears so that you can begin to trust your Inner Compass and open up to asking for and receiving support in a whole new way.


Step into our community any time to receive encouragement, support, and inspiration.


PLUS, you’ll get immediate access to all 8 modules with powerful teachings, deep guided meditations, reflection worksheets to help you integrate your insights, and inspirational handouts to increase your wisdom and open your heart.  All designed to activate your 3 Power Centers!


This Women’s Empowerment Program with Dr. Diane and each woman in the coaching group was entirely transformational.  I processed a major loss in a healthy way and started a business during the course.  The most important takeaway was the powerful reminder to continue finding the wisdom and answers within.

Adra K.

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How long will I be involved in the program?

How much does it cost?

From Functional to Fabulous: Step Into Your Full Power

A Fabulous 6 month program teaching you methods to more deeply and positively connect to yourself, to your Inner Wisdom, and to supportive others.

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or 4 payments of $647

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