Hi, I’m Dr. Diane Garrison, Ph.D., Psychologist & Women’s Empowerment  Coach

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Hi, I’m Dr. Diane Garrison, Ph.D., Psychologist & Women’s Empowerment  Coach

In the Full Power Process, I have discovered the perfect way to blend my feminist beliefs, my spiritual and holistic practices, and my many years of clinical wisdom.  


Are you ready to discover a path to owning your gifts, embracing self-compassion, connecting to your Inner Wisdom, and opening up to the support and resources needed to manifest your biggest dreams?  

Success Stories

My work with Dr. Diane has been truly transformational. She helped me to release old emotional burdens, name and recognize outdated mental habits, choose self-compassion and tenderness over criticism, seek out vulnerability in my relationships, and find my voice. 


The passion with which she approaches her work is inspiring. By shining a light on the inherent wisdom within each of us, she is working to untangle and demystify the story of women in today’s society. It has been a blessing to explore this new story with her.”

Emma K.

I have gained so much value from the Women’s Empowerment Course I took years ago that still lasts today.  Through the work we did, I discovered my life purpose which resulted in changing my career to one that is much more fulfilling.  I finally learned to get in touch with my feminine powers and use them to guide me in making decisions that are for my higher good. 


In my individual Coaching, Dr. Diane has an uncanny ability to put in words what I can’t seem to get clarity on.  And she delivers the truth in a compassionate way that gives me invaluable insight and healing. 

Sylvia B.