Dr. Diane Garrison, Ph.D. 

Psychologist & Women’s Empowerment  Coach

A voice in my head was screaming:

“Is this all there is to life?”

From the outside looking in, I was a raving success. I had checked all the RIGHT boxes.  

This is the Story of How One Woman Overcame Burnout, Perfectionism, and Fear of Failure to Become Your Empowerment Goddess


I loved my work and I loved my family but I felt this deep dissatisfaction inside.  Something important was missing. I just couldn’t put my finger on exactly what! 


I was so busy achieving. So busy taking care of business, that I could not clearly see the problem.  I just felt burnout and dissatisfied and feeling, that after all my hard work, “Is this all there is to life.  Where is the fun?  Where is the joy?”


I kept trudging along, keeping up appearances for years, feeling lost, lonely, and finally lethargic. 


But that voice kept screaming in my head. It wouldn’t leave me alone. 


One night, I was suddenly wide awake, the voice screaming louder than ever and I finally just had ENOUGH. 


Something had to CHANGE. I didn’t want to keep living like this anymore. 


I made a pact with myself to do whatever it took to get my SPARK back! 


The next day, almost like magic, I stumbled across an invite to a Feminine Power webinar.  As I read the email, I knew I had to attend. 


That one event turned into a 7 week course, then a 9 month Mastery course, and then I went all in with the Coaching and Facilitation training.  




Okay so here’s where the fear of failure comes in…

  • I ran my first Women’s Empowerment Course.

  • I opened up a Facebook page.

  • I began teaching the concepts to my clients.