Success Stories

I would highly recommend the 8 week course! You will learn invaluable skills to help you break through fear and old stuck patterns. You’ll also learn about and feel the benefits of meditation.

Jina G.

Dr. Diane has a fantastic Women’s Transformation group that is a deep and beautiful experience on learning to find and live the woman that you are.


Cathy K.

I started seeing Dr. Diane with my husband for couple’s therapy and decided to see her on my own as I knew there was more work to do and I felt so incredibly comfortable with her.  She guides with a gentle hand and has really empowered me to feel confident in the person I am and my ability to make decisions. 


I have learned so much not only from our individual sessions, but through attending the Women’s Empowerment Group.  Working within  the group gave me an experience I’ve never had before.  I felt truly seen, heard, and understood.  The reflections of the other women not only encouraged me, but helped me to see myself more clearly. Working with Dr. Diane has been truly life changing!

Shannon L.

Andrea R.

"After joining the Women’s Empowerment Group, I found a special group of women with similar experiences – we were all anxious to find validation for who we really are with unique skills and abilities.  At last I’ve learned appropriate self-care, and the power of “going inward” to discover how to listen to and use my intuition. Being with a group of like-minded women who practice self-compassion, can easily voice their thoughts, like to celebrate their victories, and create a clear vision for the future – all in an atmosphere of supportive feminine power is extremely valuable to me. You’re never too old to find your voice!"

Susie S.

"I have learned the importance of self-compassion and have let go some life long mistaken beliefs that have gotten in my way! 


Dr Diane leads us through meditations in class that are deep, revealing, and relaxing. I highly recommend her."


Susan K.

“You are doing a wonderful service for women of all ages.  If we can use our Wise Woman we are sure to soar into new plateaus of like. 


I love your no nonsense attitude and I can’t wait to go to the next level.”




Marilyn M.

"The passion with which she approaches her work is inspiring. By shining a light on the inherent wisdom within each of us, she is working to untangle and de-mystify the story of women in today’s society.


It has been a blessing to explore this new story with her.”

Emma K.

Hi, I’m Dr. Diane Garrison, Ph.D., Psychologist & Women’s Empowerment  Coach

Hi, I’m Dr. Diane Garrison, Ph.D., Psychologist & Women’s Empowerment  Coach

In the Full Power Process, I have discovered the perfect way to blend my feminist beliefs, my spiritual and holistic practices, and my many years of clinical wisdom.  


Are you ready to discover a path to owning your gifts, embracing self-compassion, connecting to your Inner Wisdom, and opening up to the support and resources needed to manifest your biggest dreams?  

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